Friday, July 27, 2007

the summer of craziness is over

Hey Guys

I have to apologize yet again for not posting sooner. This summer has been crazy. I have been on youth trips for 3 1/2 weeks already. But it is pretty much over. No more TRAVELING!!!!. I did just get back from a really cool mission trip to Salt Lake City. If you ever get the chance to go there, do!!! It brings our faith to light so much going to such a spiritually desolate place.

Anyways, Annalise is growing like a weed. She has started laughing and is rolling over tons. We are afraid she is about to start teething but it is inevitable so we can't be too scared. Tonight we secured a place for her to go to daycare. That is the one thing we didn't want to do but it is our place in life right now and we have found a good place that is very loving and it is in a home a couple of streets away from my office so I can run right over there if need be.

She has taken to her Johnny Jumper and loves it (In fact she loves it so much she fell asleep in it the other day(see pic)) She is the cutest thing ever and we love her so much.

She is on her schedule and sleeping well.

Well gotta run but we will update soon with more pics from the summer!!!

Love you guys

Bryan, Mandy and Annalise